Early 19th Century Juglar champagne discovered in the Baltic

Our Swedish expert Richard Juhlin Champagne is very excalterad over the find. He believes that it can include the worlds oldest drinkable Veuve Clicquot. - The anchor on the cap tells me that this could be a Veuve Clicquot. It could also be a Blanquette de Limoux, but with 98 percent certainty I can say that there is a Veuve Clicquot. It was not so many other brands that were exported, then, says Richard Juhlin.

A few weeks later...

At Veuve Clicquot they can not enjoye that the champagne in the shipwreck came from their company. The 'wreck-bottle' may not even be the oldest drinkable champagne. French experts have now analyzed the contents of one of the bottles from the shipwreck of the Åland waters. There is no doubt of champagne which is 'still going strong' but it is not from Veuve Clicquot - and probably from the early 1800s. Dominique Demarville,  cellarmaster at Veuve Clicquot are sure that the bottle comes from the Champagne house Juglar. The cellar master is very impressed with the quality:

- It tastes as if time has stood still; he told AFP. Dominique Demarville believe that the bottle bottled in one of the first three decades of the 1800s - that is, between 1800 and 1830th The majority also suggests that the sunken ketch is from the same period. The schooner probably came from Danzig (Gdansk) or west of it, at the current German Baltic Sea coast. It is also likely that a Swedish trading houses were also involved when the cargo consisted of Rörstrands porcelain from Stockholm. The entire ship may well have been Swedish.

Dominique Demarville at Veuve Clicquot have analyzed a few milliliters of the contents of color, aroma and flavor. According Demarville is only a little smoky in flavor, then sweet - but after that there are both acidity and freshness. If the now famous Juglar-bottles are younger than 1825 is not the worlds oldest drinkable champagne. Last year they opened a bottle of champagne in London who has just arrived from the 1825th.

The bottles belonging to Åland Local Government as the subject of a maritime heritage to fall landscape without ransom. According to the Åland magazine 'Ålandstidningen'  it has been decided that the approximately seventy bottles to be salvaged soon after 30 August - when the bids for the salvage should be included. It is quite a hurry when a beam would otherwise threaten to crush the boxes. Marine archaeologists Marcus Lindholm do not yet know where the bottles will go after they salvaged. They can not be sold because they come from an ancient monument. From this week, the first bottle of champagne salvaged seen at the Åland Museum.

Source: www.wownews.se


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