The Famous Tasting

Richard Juhlin is by many considered the world´s no 1 champagne expert. There are many reasons for this ranking, for example his ability ta verbalize what he discovers in a wine, or his enormous feat in catalogizing all his evaluations (which in fact constitue the basis of this club and this website) – but the quintessence of the myth behind the man can perhaps best be summarized by telling the story about The Famous Tasting…
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Arrange a tasting, lead by Richard via video uplink..

Unfortunately, if you are contemplating hiring Richard for your own exclusive tasting, Richard is both very busy and also residing in a very nice but remote country called Sweden… and therefore he may not be as accessible as could be wished. But we have been experimenting with the wonderful media of video uplinks, and are now able to offer you Richard Juhlin as the live – or almost live – ciceron of your own champagne tasting! You will be able to see Richard on a screen throughout the tasting, where he will taste the same champagnes as you, and lead you through the tastings as were he among you personally. You will select a spokesperson, through which you will channel the questions that will no doubt come, from members of the group. It will be a truly two-way communicative event, and you will be able to finally say that you took part in a champagne tasting led by Richard Juhlin!

Send us your request, your questions or information about what you are interested in doing, and we will get back to you with price estimates.

Mr Juhlin´s newest book
- the ultimate guide!
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Would you like to arrange a tasting by video uplink...?

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