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The plane leaves tonight. The plane away from the cold and the dark. Plane away from the stress. In short, the plane to the paradise. The suitcase is already packed and everything’s on track. The travel fever rises and unfortunately rises also our ten-month son's temperature dramatically. What a miserable timing… An otherwise ever-smiling, happy and travel-experienced Leo is cranky and uncomfortable from the start. The conscience gnaws. Should I really make him take this long flight? Had there not been enough with the Canarie Islands anyway? After a brief stopover and energy replenishment in Paris we travel all night with a steaming hot baby in our arms so his sleep could have been better. Yet it feels so comfortable and right to disembark on the island paradise with only three hour time difference after a night flight. Already at the passport control we are greeted by the first smile and when the doors to freedom opens with the humid embracing warmth towards us like a blessing from another world. Our little strained mood quickly finds harmony and shortly we are sitting in a delicious air-conditioned limousine and floats forward in quiet and tranquil chambers through sugar plantations and magical rock formations.

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