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Champagne can boast a most rare combination: its greatest wines are blessed with an ageing capacity that is second to none. On top of that, due to the custom of blending and prolonged ageing on the lees, champagne is one of the few fine wines that is so delightfully pleasurable at the time of release. Indeed, most champagnes are consumed right away, meaning they are rarely given the option of reaching their absolute peak. As some need remarkably more time than others, FINE Champagne Magazine went through the rigorous process of naming and ranking the 100 best champagnes that bring the most enjoyment today. Putting brand images and prices aside, we blind tasted over 1000 samples of the current champagne offering: prestige cuvées, vintages and non-vintages.

During several blind tasting sessions throughout the past year, we analysed over 1000 champagnes of all styles and price levels, from non-vintages to prestige cuvées and sought-after collectors’ items.

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