Milestone: over 8 000 tastingnotes passed!


This passed weekend Richard Juhlin has passed another milestone in tasted unique champagnes. As of today the database at contains 8 099 tasted champagnes. For the first time 8 000 tastingnotes has been passed. 

The Tasting Library of tasted Champagnes has been the basis fot the production of Richard Juhlin's books on Champagne since 1995:

'Champagneboken' 1995

'2 000 Champagnes' 1997

'3 000 Champagnes' 2002

'4 000 Champagnes' 2005

'Champagne Guide' 2009

At the moment Richard Juhlin is finalizing the manuscript for the next book '8 000 Champagnes'. 

To have full acess to the database You need to be a member of Richard Juhlin Champagne Club. As a member of Champagne Club you have access to a couple of permanent features, listed on The main feature is of course Mr Richard Juhlin´s unique Tasting Library, and we encourage you to browse the search functions and acquaint yourself with the possibilities offered.

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