Unique champagne auction in Åland, with the aim to set a new world record

Shipwreck Champagne for sale at auction for the benefit of charitable causes
Unique champagne auction in Åland, with the aim to set a new world record

The Government of Åland, has decided to vend eleven bottles of champagne from the shipwreck discovered in the archipelago of Åland in the summer of 2010. These unique champagne bottles, from the early part of the 19th century, will be sold at an auction in Mariehamn on June 8th.

A total of 145 bottles of champagne have been salvaged from the shipwreck. The bottles originate from the well-known champagne houses Veuve Clicquot, Heidsieck and Juglar. The Juglar house seized to exist in 1829 and Veuve-Clicquot have dated their bottles from the period around 1841 – 1850. At the auction there will be 6 bottles of Juglar, 4 bottles of Veuve Clicquot, and one bottle of Heidsieck & Co offered for sale.

- We began by selling two bottles of this antique champagne at an auction last year. One of the bottles sold for 30 000 euro and set a new world record, after which we made the decision to organize yet another auction. We are hoping to beat the world record again, and to be able to donate as large a sum as possible for charitable causes, said spokesperson Rainer Juslin from the Government of Åland.

The name of the vessel and its destination is still unknown, but the sunken ship and its cargo belong to the Government of Åland. Some bottles have been kept for museum purposes, while a few of them will be sold at auction. The economical surplus from the auction will be donated to foundations for improving the quality of the water in the Baltic Sea and maritime archaeological research.

Because of the constant temperature of between 4 to 6 degrees Celsius and the dark surroundings, combined with the pressure within the bottles and the pressure at the bottom of the sea, the champagne is still in very good condition. Each of the champagne bottles from the shipwreck have been re-corked, tasted and evaluated by the world’s foremost champagne authority, Richard Juhlin.

The auction house that will be hosting the auction of these vintage champagnes, from the early part of the 19th century, is the number one auction house in France, Artcurial. Artcurial will collaborate with Veuve Clicquot and will therefore be able to complete this incredible collection with vintage champagnes from their wine cellars.

-The arrangement of this year’s auction differs from the year before and we believe that it’s going to be an interesting event and now we will wait for the result with eager anticipation, said the Minister of the Department for Education and Culture, Johan Ehn.

The champagne auction will take place June 8th, 3.00 pm, at Alandica Congress & Conference center in Mariehamn, Åland, Finland.

Further information from The Government of Åland:

Lina Dumas, Project manager
Tel. +358 457 344 50 67, lina.dumas@regeringen.ax

Rainer Juslin, Permanent Secretary of the Department for Education and Culture
Tel. +358 18 25230 or +358 457 547 1338, rainer.juslin@regeringen.ax

Björn Häggblom, Head of Communications
Tel. +358 18 25143 or +358 50 547 0951, bjorn.haggblom@regeringen.ax


Please visit http://www.visitaland.com/en/facts/champagne for photos and further information about Åland.

Åland is an autonomous region of Finland. It is a demilitarized Swedish-speaking region with a right of self-government secured through international guarantees. The Åland Islands form an archipelago in the Baltic Sea, consisting of more than 6 700 islands and skerries. The population of Åland is 28 000.

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